The Laraine Westwood Way

We believe giving a say in your style is the future and will mean you get what you Love and Need and so will wear each item more and more.

Every item can be customised by the Fabric Print option. Select a print that works with your current wardrobe, again ensuring you wear the item more. No more will you buy a style just because you love it, you can find the perfect print too and realy love it. If you see a print anywhere on the website, which isn't in our Fabric Print Room, please get in contact, as we may still be able to source it.

You will find options to add style choices to each piece, like the sleeve style, skirt / top length, neckline shape, skirt shape & adding pockets. As we grow we hope to add more options and for these to be easier to select from our website. Please bear with us, as we work out ways to add these options clearly on our website, as remember this is not an ordinary way to buy your clothes.

We hope if you are creative and willing to place faith in our expertise, that you will be willing to take time and find a piece that you'll love, love. Even if all options aren't shown in sample pieces, we can communicate to clarify details so you can visualise the final look.

Any requests will be very much listened to and if they are within our creation station we will look to provide this for you.


We want you to love and wear your clothes from us. Should anything happen, like a tear or a stain or you change size / shape. We would love to hear from you and see if together we can redesign your item to still work for you and your wardrobe.