A dream that started over 20 years ago. I opened Laraine Westwood Bridesmaid Studio in 2017, named after my mum and grandma. My creativity was soon tested and developed as I learnt so much about clothing, patterns, fit, shapes, fabrics and how clothing really can help our self esteem. Frustrated with the current bridesmaid offerings, I began designing my own bridesmaid range, based on my knowledge of what women needed and wanted from a bridesmaid dress today. During this phase I couldn't help but also start designing what would become Your Style, Your Way, a truly versatile and collaborative way to choose everyday clothes, that flatter and reflect individual style and character. 

With a marketing and business law degree under my belt, albeit 20 years ago, I couldn't help but delve into the structure and world of fashion. Market research or in fact research of any kind is my thing. It was then that it happened, that my desire to give people options through Made to Order clothing, became also driven by how important such processes are to the environment. Production based on an order and not on mass (hoping for a sale), is The BIG move towards stopping waste. This has taken my love of making clothes for individuals to another level of pride and joy. I've always wanted to do something I loved and make an impact and now I really feel I can do both.


To continuously learn how we can enjoy clothes and respect our world. Whilst accepting and acknowledging that sometimes not everything we offer is a full eco solution. We will be transparent and provide information so that you can choose your own eco-journey.

THE DREAM - (It's a big one)

A Made to Order clothing line, made from the best recycled / repurposed sustainable / eco- fabrics. Every piece we make is able to be recycled / repurposed back into the clothing industry. The aim is zero fabric waste, no textiles going to landfill or to be incinerated. Positive mindset marketing to create pride in wearing clothes for longer, caring for our clothes more and opting to have items repaired or re-designed.