Size Chart - Kids 1/2 & 3/4 Circular Skirt

For any other size or any concerns over sizing and best fit please get in contact.
The below sizes are the actual top sizes (there may be minor variances as they are handmade).
The Fabric has a stretch to it, & the waistband is elasticated, so consider this when selecting a size, dependent on how you want it to fit. In our experience this means the skirt can fit for longer, as it is still a comfy fit for about 4cms smaller than actual body size.
Age Short  Knee Ballerina
2 28.9cms 34.9cms 40.9cms
3 30.2cms 36.2cms 42.2cms
4 31.5cms 37.5cms 43.5cms
5 32.8cms 38.8cms 44.8cms
6 34.1cms 40.1cms 46.1cms
7 35.4cms 41.4cms 47.4cms
8 36.7cms 42.7cms 48.7cms
9 38cms 44cms 50cms
10 39.3cms 45.3cms 51.3cms
Age Waist
2 51cms
3 53cms
4 54.5cms
5 55.5cms
6 56.5cms
7 57.5cms
8 59cms
9 61cms
10 63.5cms