Size Chart - Audrey Skirt

The Audrey Skirt - Check out our Best Fit For Your Style Guide on YouTube below.

For any other size or any concerns over sizing and best fit please get in contact.

The below sizes are the actual skirt sizes (there may be minor variances as they are handmade).
The fabric for the Audrey skirt purposefully has a stretch to it. This is for comfort and to allow the skirt to fit better to individual shapes. The Audrey style is close fitting, which is why it can be so flattering. However a number of sizes can fit 1 person's measurements dependent on how you want it too look or need it to sit for the best fit to your shape & exactly how close fitting you want it. To give more room in the low hip (8inches from waist) buy a larger size and allow the waist band to sit a little lower. As you can see it's only 2.5cms between sizes.
Know Your Measurements - How to measure guide below
Size  Waist
6 65cms
7 67.5cms
8 70cms
9 72.5cms
10 75cms
11 77.5cms
12 80cms
13 82.5cms
14 85cms
15 87.5cms
16 90cms
17 92.5cms
18 95cms
19 97.5cms
20 100cms
21 103cms
22 105.5cms
23 108cms
24 110.5cms