Size Chart Box Top

For any other size or any concerns over sizing and best fit please get in contact.
The below sizes are the actual top sizes (there may be minor variances as they are handmade).
The Fabric has a stretch to it, so consider this when selecting a size, dependent on how you want it to fit.
Style has been shown in a size 12 (96cm chest) on a woman with a 94.5cm chest.
Size Chest
6 81cms
7 83.5cms
8 86cms
9 88.5cms
10 91cms
11 93.5cms
12 96cms
13 98.5cms
14 101cms
15 103.5cms
16 106cms
17 108.5cms
18 111cms
19 113.5cms
20 116cms
21 118.5cms
22 121cms
23 123.5cms
24 126cms